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 1. Interview & Scope Meeting

Comprehensive Design Meeting 

Define Project Issues, Concerns, & Client Project Goals

Determine Overall Project Budget & Timeline

2. Whole-Home Energy Audit

Perform Whole-Home Energy-Audit, Thermal Testing, Envelope Tests

Baseline Water Audit

Evaluate General Site Conditions, Drainage, Paved Areas


3. Collection of Data, Measurements and Specifications

Field-Measurements As Needed for Design & Planning  

 Existing Equipment & Material Specifications, Locations, Ratings

 Prior Annual Energy and Water-Usage Data

Attic & Garage Insulation Condition, Rating & Quantity

Location & Rating of Existing HVAC Unit & Water Heater & Ductwork 

Annual Average Climate Data & Rainfall to Site

4. Analysis & Evaluation

Evaluate Results of Audits, Tests, Data

Calculate Reduction Goals & Pinpoint Strategies

Product, Material & Equipment Research & Specification

Prepare Client Specification Binder

5. Design & Planning Process
Site Plan
Detail Drawings as Needed
Equipment Schedules
Product Specifications &  Recommendations


6. Finalized Project Scope, Budget, Timeline

Finalize Strategies to be Employed, Products & Materials Schedule

Material & Labor Bids from Suppliers & Contractors

Project Timeline


7. Return Visit & Presentation

Detailed, Itemized  Report & Proposal to Client


* No Products or Labor Are Included in the Green Home Design Consultation Fee


Home Systems and Equipment to be evaluated may include: 


 hvac equipment, efficiency, location & size

ventilation & moisture infiltration

hot water heater efficiency, location, & insulation

attic & garage insulation type & amount 

plumbing fixture specs & efficiency

window type & weather-sealing

door type & weather-sealing

solar-exposure patterns 

active solar energy potential

passive solar energy potential

indoor & outdoor lighting evaluation 

daylighting potential

heat gain potential

heat-island effect & paved areas

 average rainfall to site 

average wind conditions

wind energy potential

sprinkler system evaluation

site drainage conditions

graywater system potential

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