The Palmer Design Group, Inc.

 Toward a Sustainable Future
Transforming the Built Environment

The Palmer Design Group works with

 architects, contractors and homeowners

on residential remodel projects,

providing design services and products

which are focused on improving the

environmental sustainability of the built home

as well as the surrounding site, while also creating luxurious interior and exterior spaces.

 Our expertise includes strategies for modifying the home to 

minimize energy- and water-resource consumption,

harvest on-site energy and water resources,

reduce the need for indoor heating & cooling,

and manage stormwater more effectively on-site. In addition,

we promote the implementation of a more regenerative landscape,

comprised of native and mature species,

which improves soil health and provides habitat,

while providing a temperate microclimate around the home. 

 Our design strategies are complemented by a

portfolio of carefully curated products for the home,

which are beautiful, but also environmentally-preferable.

We believe that sustainable living can be luxurious.

We create beautiful kitchens, baths, wine cellars, 

as well as efficient and organized

 laundry rooms and closets, all utilizing

sustainably-sourced materials,

energy-efficient appliances,

water-efficient fixtures and fittings,

and low-emission finishes

within a world-class design layout.​ 

Our philosophy is simple:

Design for Today, with Tomorrow in Mind.

We believe it is not only possible, but imperative,

that we meet the needs of the present

without compromising the ability

of future generations to do the same. 

Our wish is to guide our clients beyond merely sustainable, 

toward The Regenerative Home, as we teach,

and learn, how to replenish what we take.

Principal designer, Geri Palmer, has over 25 years' experience
as a residential design and remodeling professional, 
and has won multiple awards for her world-class design work.
Geri holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainability Studies, 
with an emphasis on Green Building Design, Construction, and Materials.
She has also earned the LEED AP – HOMES  Professional Designation,
for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design,
as well as the Certified Interior Designer designation.
The firm is an ADOPTER of the architecture 2030 challenge,
committed to transforming the built environment toward
more responsible consumption of natural resources.

Geri Palmer, BA, LEED AP, CID

Sustainable Home Design Consultant

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