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Geri M. Palmer, LEED AP, CID

B. A. Sustainability Studies

A.A. Architectural Technology

Cert. Green Building Design & Materials

LEED AP HOMES - Credentialed

Certified Interior Designer (CID)

Multiple Award-Winning Residential Designer

Regenerative Living Advocate

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10 Aug 2017

Writer -

What really matters in all this?

Is climate change “real”, or just a natural climatic cycle so vast that it defies human study?

And if it is real, is it caused by human behavior, or is the anthropogenic argument all just a ruse designed to deny us our right to keep on having more of what we want?

After literally years of poring over the research, the short answer is… none of this matters.

The time-wasting debate, the dueling banjos of data-competition, the discrediting of each side's science by...

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