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How Much Should You Spend on Your New Kitchen?

Now that you've decided to remodel your kitchen, your first question may be, "how much will it cost to do?" And, if you haven't taken on such a project before, or if you have, but it was long ago, you may even be wondering "how much should it cost to do?" How can you know how much of an investment you can safely make, without the risk of over-improving your home?

Well...there are a few data points, garnered from reputable financial advisors, construction industry specialists, and real-estate advisors, that can help guide this decision. The Palmer Design Group has created a free calculator which combines these data points with your input, resulting in an easy-to-use Project Spending Planner.

Of course, it's important to have a budget in mind before embarking on a kitchen remodel. When it comes to living a truly sustainable life, what single aspect of our lives deserves more dedication than creating and sticking to a workable budget? The Palmer Design Group's Kitchen- Remodel Calculator can be a helpful tool in determining the recommended investment amount for your project, based on a few facts about your home value and square-footage.

By inputting key information such as home value, total square footage, and the square footage of the desired kitchen space, the calculator not only provides the recommended total investment amount, but also breaks it down into specific categories such as cabinetry, appliances, labor, and flooring, among many others.

This can help you make incredibly well-informed decisions about where to allocate your budget, and prevent over-improving the home beyond its' value, or even over-spending in any one area. By using this free tool, you can feel more confident in your budget and investment decisions for your kitchen remodel. Control the areas in which you'll show restraint, in favor of those areas which are deemed more vital to your comfort and well-being.

Using a Spending Planner such as this will imbue any project with the sense of calm that can only come from sound and informed decision-making. On the importance of living sustainably, ensuring the financial safety and well-being of the family unit is as vital as protecting the natural environment in which they live.

Now, let's get it done...because Beautiful Spaces Create Beautiful Moments.


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