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The Home Concierge Initial Consultation &     Measuring Fee, as shown on the service menu   at right,  is applied to purchases, is payable at time of booking, and includes the following:

-1-Hour, In-Home Design Consultation.

-An evaluation of the space, challenges, and opportunities.

-Programming of the Client's overall          Project Goals and Budget. 

-Exploration of various Design                    Approaches & Schemes for the space.

-Presentation of products samples,            styles, materials, & finish options. 


-Discussion of available options for            appliances, equipment, lighting &            fixtures.

-An approximate Budget Estimate for        the materials and labor involved,

based on approximate square-footage      or lineal-footage, and preliminary site      conditions.

The Initial Consultation Fee shall be applied  toward a maximum of 10% of the purchase price of:

- Cabinetry, OR

- Casework, OR


  WHEN ordered through The Palmer Design            Group, Inc. within 60 days. 

Design fees are non-refundable.

*Design Fees are applicable toward a maximum of 10% of Total Purchase Price of Cabinetry, Wine Racking, and/or Appliances.


Our intention  is to ensure that our strategies, designs and products will completely satisfy our clients' project needs. 


Our goal  is to earn referrals from satisfied clients.  




The Comprehensive Design phase is initiated by the placement of a Design Retainer which also serves as 10% deposit on purchases and includes the following:


-Additional In-Home Comprehensive Design    Consultations and Presentation of                  Samples, Options, Finishes, & Strategies

such as are needed to fully articulate the      Client's ultimate vision for their space.

-Field-Measure & Photography of the              Project Space(s).

-Complete, Professional Interior Design          Presentation based on fulfillment                    of Client's Project Brief, consisting of:

-Presentation of detailed                                 Interior Design AutoCad Drawings                  including Floorplans, Elevations,                    Reflected Ceiling Plan, & Detail                      Drawings as needed to convey the                  Project Design Details to Client,                      Contractor, & Building Dept.


-Specification of all Casework,                        Cabinetry, Countertops &                                Equipment as needed to fulfill the                  Project Brief.

-Specifications and Schedules for all                Appliances, Fixtures, Fittings, &                      Finishes needed in order to fulfill the

Project Brief.

-Assess suitability of existing electrical,          plumbing, gas lines as to new equipment.

-Finalized budget proposal package with        detailed bids for all Products, Materials,          Equipment & Labor necessary to fulfill the      project brief. 


-Client digital copy of all Interior Design          Drawings, Specifications, Schedules, and        Proposals, in pdf form, suitable for                printing, bidding, and permit applications.

-Please note that NO products are included in the Design Fee.

The Comprehensive Design Phase fees are pre-paid at time of booking, and shall be applied toward a maximum of !0% of the purchase price of: